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A Pleasant Visit to Jingbo

Two foreigners from Tunisia came all the way to China for finding a reliable oil field hoses supplier and they finally chose Jingbo.

Jingbo, since 1986, oil & gas hose leader

Rotary Drilling Hose: API Spec 7K-0376

Choke & Kill Hose: API Spec 16C-0374

BOP Hose: API Spec 16D-0109

Hammer Union: API Spec 16C-0275

They said that there was a huge north Africa market for the rotary drilling hose, choke and kill hose, BOP hose, etc. And they were impressed with our production line including the raw material, the workshop, the quality inspection system and also our Research and Development Department. This pleasant journey was a good start for a long term business relationship.


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